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We are proud to have provided professional development to math teachers from top schools such as The Dalton School, The Spence School, and Trinity School. For a full list of schools we have worked with, click here.
  • "This workshop was helpful for people who had never heard of inquiry all the way up to people who use a lot of inquiry in their classrooms." “Inching Toward Inquiry” Workshop Participant
  • "[Amy and Allyson] provided a number of resources for how to structure a class and create an environment that promotes inquiry. The examples were very helpful." “Inching Toward Inquiry” Workshop Participant
  • "Amy and Allyson were both super knowledgeable about ways to create inquiry based instruction. Importantly, they modeled the workshop based on their classroom practices. Thank you for all the resources!" “Inching Toward Inquiry” Workshop Participant
  • "The strength of the workshop was the both of you. Your success in the classroom with these strategies translated really well to things we can each take back and implement." “Inching Toward Inquiry” Workshop Participant