How can instructional coaching benefit your teaching?

Recent research shows what teachers and administrators have long intuited: the best way to encourage teacher growth is through sustained, relationship-based support.  Coaching relationships offer teachers a personalized structure through which they can enhance their practice and receive specific, substantive feedback in a safe environment.

How does instructional coaching work?

Instructional coaching is structured through coaching cycles that allow a teacher and coach to collaboratively analyze and improve instructional practices that ultimately support student learning.

Each coaching cycle includes the following:

  • A learning goal created together based on the needs and interests of the teacher
  • An introduction to the five inquiry-based instructional domains and other instructional rubrics
  • An observation of a class
  • A discussion about the strengths and opportunities for improvement in the lesson, followed by an action plan that includes strategies to help the teacher both work toward their established goals and enhance future instruction

Instructional coaching can be tailored to teachers’ specific needs.  To inquire about instructional coaching, please contact us.